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    Psychological disease

    Nowadays almost 70 percent of the population is suffering from psychological diseases especially in urban and suburban areas due to persistent sitting on computer screens,it leads to a great impact on physical and mental health as well.Sedentary lifestyle also plays a major role in development of psychological ailments. Stress and anxiety are the commonest amongst them. It may lead to serious complications such as depression, insanity, Alzheimer, dementia, schizophrenia, seizures and even epilepsy as well.Mental health is also as important as physical health.

    Ayurveda believes psychological disorders as manovaha srotas janya vyadhi means disease generated from disturbed balance between mind and soul,where heart is the house of soul.Any trauma physical or mental to heart or mind is responsible for causing psychological diseases or monovaha vyadhi. Ayurveda has a great approach in psychiatry because it considers mind and soul independently here,we believes a great importance of atma, mana, buddhi and indriya. So ayurveda is better than any other science when psychiatry is been concerned.

    Psychotherapy is the ultimate treatment for psychological disorders because when your mind is not in ease then some other mind can bring it in ease. It cannot be treated with medicines working on the brain as ayurveda believes mind doesn’t reside into the brain.

    Management of psychological disorders in Ayurveda

    There are various  procedures in ayurveda for treatment of psychological disorders based  on the root cause of disease, some of the treatments are as follow:

    1. Nidan parimarjan:It is the first and very basic approach for management of disease: stop the cause of disease and apply a regimen opposite to the cause.
    2. Shirodhara:It is a therapeutic procedure where medicated milk is being poured over the forehead in a rhythmic flow for a specific duration of time to relax the brain and calm the mind.Best used to treat stress and anxiety.
    3. Shiro Virechana:Here medicated oil is poured on the head at the scal[p region in order to relax the brain and maintain a peaceful mind best used for the treatment of insomnia.
    4. Abhyanga:oil massage to the entire body relaxes the muscles and activates nerves which relaxes the hyperactivity of the brain 

    If you too suffer from any of the psychological disorders, please visit to our clinic for best treatment and advice from experts.