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    Neurological Diseases

    Neurological diseases are the diseases of mind,spines and nerves interfacing them.There are a variety of neurological problems such as epilepsy, seizure, parkinsonism, strokes etc.

    Ayurveda believes majja dhatu is the cause for neurological disorders.Here vata dosha is considered to be the major cause for neurological disorders.

    Major causes of neurological disorders are: Alcoholism or drugs, Medications side effect, head injury, hormonal disorder, Epilepsy, Poor immunity, Multiple sclerosis, meningitis, encephalitis, GB syndrome, hepatitis C, vascular problems.

    General symptoms associated with neurological disorders are: Persistent or sudden headache ,Tingling sensation or numbness of hand or foot,weakness or loss of muscle strength,,loss of vision or dizziness, Memory loss, Lack of coordination, impaired mental ability, muscular rigidity, Tremors or seizures, Radiating back pain to other body parts and Slurred speech (unclear)

    Management of Neurological disorders by Ayurveda

    The treatment of neurological disorders is based on the balancing of the doshas, where vitiated vata needs to be stabilised. So panchkarma would be followed to balance the disturbed dosha

    1. Vamana: Therapeutic vomiting is induced to reduce the raised intracranial pressure in migraine or seizure.
    2. Virechana: Therapeutic purgation to reduce pitta and eliminate the disturbed vata from the lower part of the body. 
    3. Raktamokshan: To expel the toxicated blood causing edema or swelling. 
    4. Shirodhara: Medicated milk pouring on forehead to calm and relax the neurons and reduce headache and stress.
    5. Snehana: Therapeutic oileation to reduce the dryness caused by elevated vata doshas, and smoothening the dhatus and koshtha.
    6. Swedana: Therapeutic steaming followed after oiling to make the tissues soft and flexible and reducing the Rigidity and stiffness of the muscles. 
    7. Yoga and meditation: In order to keep the better functioning of brain and reducing the overthinking process meditation and yoga are very essential. 

    These are the procedures in ayurveda which have a great importance and good results in case of neurological disorders, all the therapies are being performed based on the requirements of patients. 

    If you are suffering from any of the neurological disorders, then nothing is better then ayurveda, visit to our clinic for best ayurvedic treatment care under experts supervision.To expel the toxicated blood causing edema or swelling.