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    Reproductive health issues

    Reproductive health also comprises a great role in the normal wellbeing of an individual and living a quality life.Nowadays poor reproductive or sex life is also a great cause of anxiety amongst adults and couples.Due to stressful lifestyle and job stress the sexual life impacts badly and its something which people hesitates to talk about and sometimes remains unaware about it themselves some common issues of reproductive health are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, oligospermia [low sperm count], Azospermia[immotile sperm], fatigue, weakness etc in males and Small egg size in females, estrogen and progesterone deficiency polycystic ovarian disease, abnormal menstrual cycle and infertility.

    Ayurveda believes there are 4 essential things required for conception which are rutu,kshetra,ambu and beeja. Rutu stands for fertile period.Kshetra stands for good and properly functioning uterus,Ambu stands for nourishment of eggs and sperms and beeja stands for male gamete sperm and female gamete eggs. Conception is only possible when all the 4 above criterias are available in all respects.

    There is a special branch in ayurveda for dealing with the problems related to reproductive health known as Vajikaran chikitsa or Vrishya chikitsa for improving the quality of sexual life by the means of herbal aphrodisiac and other procedures.

    Male Health Issues - 1Veda Ayurveda

    Management of Reproductive health issues by Ayurveda

    Vajikaran is a science which accompanies medication and therapy to make a men capable in sexual intercourse with women and experience sexual pleasure to is greatest extent and produce their next generation.

    1. Vajikaran rasayana: It is a specific type of rasayana which improves the reproductive system and enhances serxual vigour.
      It always claims to have anti-stress activity and reduces the anxiety associated with sexual desire and performance. It is not recommended for people below 17 and above 70.
    2. Uttar basti or shishin basti: performed to strengthen the muscles associated with penile region to promote its erection during sexual intercourse.Mainly formd in erectile dysfunction.
    3. Abhyanga: Full body massage to reduce stress ,anxiety and performance anxiety.

    If you are suffering from any of the above reproductive problems.need not to be ashamed or embarrassed about it, contact our clinic for best treatment and experts advice.