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    ENT Problems

    Ear, nose and throat related conditions and problems are considered to be ENT problems. Ent consists of a significant number of problems among children as well as adults. In ayurveda ent is considered to be under shalakya tantra which means a science which deals with the problems associated above clavicle [urdhva jatrugat rogas] comprising eyes, nose, ear, throat mouth and teeth which is of a wide range where ent only comprise ear, nose and throat. Ent infections are very common family due to cold causing throat infection,ear infection,running nose etc because all the three are related and connected to each other by the means of eustachian tube. Common ENT diseases are as follow: Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Otitis compilation, Tympanic membrane perforation, Tonsillitis, Vertigo.

    Shiro rogas: The chief complaints amongst shiro roga are headache and stomachache.It can also be considered as a symptom of different diseases.

    Management of shiro roga according to ayurveda:

    1. ShiroabhyangaOiling massage therapy with medicated oil by the rhythmic follow for a specific time ,reduces stress, anxiety and calms the brain.
    2. Shiro pichuA gauze piece dipped in oil or ghee and placed on the forehead at anterior fontanelle. Helps in greying of hair and hairfall as well as headache.
    3. Shiro lepaMedicated paste is applied over the forehead of the patient depending upon the nature of herbs and individual.

    Nasal disorders:

    Running nose, nasal blockage, sinusitis, epistaxis, sneezing and heaviness of head are common symptoms due to airway obstruction.

    Management of nasal disorders in ayurveda:

    1. Nasya: Medicated nasal drops are administered to open the nasal blockage and airway obstruction.
    2. Dhumapan: Medicated fumes are used to inhale from mouth and nose to treat the nasa rogas.

    Karna rogas:

    The disorders of karna can be divided into the external ear,middle ear ,inner ear. The common disorders of karna rogas are Otalgia,tinnitus,karna strava,intact serumen,deafness etc.

    Management of karna roga in ayurveda:

    1. Karna dhoopan: Administration of medicated fumes into the ear ,indicated in otorrhoea.
    2. Karna pooran:administration of medicated ear drops into ear indicated in karna paka,karna strava,and tinnitus.

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