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    Child health issues

    Most of us have had the experience of making the best opportunities for the children in our lives whether we have the privilege of raising them or not, either simply well off enough to know and love them.

    As an art and science of living, Ayurveda has a great role in wisdom and has a treasure that is just as easily applied to children as adults. I hope this resource will help our children to apply some of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the children in your life in support of their better health.

    Children are often weak and vulnerable to disease due to poorly developed immunity in them. So they need to be protected and prevented from diseases.

    Major cause of diseases in children is due to the predominance of kapha dosha at an early stage of life. So it can be prevented by light, sharp, hot, rough and clarifying agents and activities By the means of diet and lifestyle we can stabilise the elevated kapha


    Feed the children a balanced diet, add cinnamon, ginger, Turmeric in their food, add fibres and light food in their diet. Serve them hot food to melt up their stuck and frozen kapha.


    Maintaining a strong level of physical activity is one of the most supportive lifestyle choices that we can encourage children to make .As it improves circulation in the blood and the lymph, balances energy levels, supports the proper flow of nutrients, and boost up the detoxification mechanisms throughout the body’s organs and tissues. Regular exercise even in the form of play can help to overcome the elevated kapha.

    Healthy sleep habits:

    Children need considerably more sleep than adults, and while their sleep habits will change dramatically from infancy through puberty, ensuring that they get enough of it is critical.

    Develop as much consistency as possible around when children nap during the day (if applicable), go to bed at night, and awaken in the morning. Obviously, their schedule will need to adapt as they grow and their needs change, but there’s no question that consistent sleep routines foster health.

    If your children are also prone to frequent coughing and respiratory and cold related distress, need not to be worried, we can provide you the best care and treatment as well as experts advice to take care, Come to our clinic for further details.